Poetics of usage. Using the library

Fundació Suñol

C/ Mejia Lequerica, 14. 08028 Barcelona

Tuesday March 24 at 6:30pm

Free acces



Poetics of usage proposes using the Fundació Suñol library to enable another approach to the exhibition Known Masterpieces.

By reading the catalogues (one catalogue for each of the artists in the exhibition), Antònia del Río has selected fragments that refer to the construction of the historiographic discourse on the genius artist and the works of art considered to be masterpieces. She has also highlighted personal information or quotes that transcribe the same voice as the artists. The intervention, made up of different parts  —two pieces, Birth and Death or Coinciding in the World and S/T Map of Relationships, in addition to the interventions in some books in the library and in the posters and texts in the exhibition space—, becomes a tool for reading between the lines the exhibition Known Masterpieces and invites us to use the library to find other possible stories. The artist proposes one, but the possibilities are endless.