My projects focus on research on the mechanisms of transmission and loss of knowledge, establishing an inevitable dialogue between memory and oblivion. This has been a constant theme that I have developed and worked focusing the interest on diverse issues such as traces, the absent, the memory, the collective memory, the permanences and discards in History, the warehouse of memory as libraries and archives … , using a diversity of techniques and formats that have allowed me to express myself conceptually.

Memory understand as construction of discourse, knowledge and thought. As the means by which to preserve memories and life experiences and avoid forgetting representing each change of generation.

In my work are common facilities where multiple devices that often the active public, either through a specific action that prompted an exchange … or through the experience of a particular fact involved. Each viewer can access the work through empathy or familiarity with a situation that presents itself. Despite the diversity of formats and techniques that work, you can recognize a certain consistency or common aesthetic. I do not deny entry but color white dominance and the absence of color are characteristic.