Purge 3

Project performanced in the framework of the cycle White under black. Works from the imperceptible, in charge of Assumpta Bassas and Joana Masó. Santa Monica Arts Center (Barcelona). From 07/01/14 to 09/14/2014

After previous editions made from library holdings, the third realization of the Esporgats project (2014) piles up a series of materials consisting of mountains of artists’ catalogs, collective exhibitions and posters for the cultural promotion of renowned Catalan painters. published, since the 1990s, by the culture department and the art center where they are exhibited.

The massive accumulation of catalogs, remaining witnesses of a recent chapter of Catalan cultural policy that will disappear throughout the exhibition with the intervention of the public, who can take a copy in exchange for leaving in writing the reason why he decides to bring -is that particular copy of the entire list offered.

Likewise, the public libraries of Catalonia are collaborating in the project. Those who wish can choose a book from this list in order to add it to the catalog and offer it on loan to users.

All documents (catalogs and posters) are interspersed with an exlibris. In addition, each catalog has a list enclosed between the pages with the title and number of copies distributed: 53 titles, in different quantities of each, adding up to a total of 4,950 books.


Images of the transfer of the catalogs from the General Warehouse of the Library and Bibliographic Heritage Service of the Generalitat de Catalunya. Department of Culture  by Santa Monica Arts Center.


Empty fill empty, fill empty fill, 2014

Digital color photography on satin paper
30 x 20.3 cm (each)


Catalogue of the exposition:



Videos produced by Arts Santa Monica:



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