Notes on galleries and art systems II

Notes on galleries and art systems I

From the  project Sicart: story of a trajectory

Ink and graphite on paper

Series of 16 drawings

50 x 70 cm each

Variable presentation and set sizes: as an artist’s edition in a bespoke case or wall arrangement


* The version of the work Notes on gallery and art systems I. It was part of the project that won the Swab Prize International Contemporary Art Fair – Fundació Banc Sabadell Best Gallery (Antònia del Río solo show), 2016. Piece acquired by the Barcelona City Council (ICUB) / MACBA, 2021.



Through the interview, the route and the network of relationships that a gallery has established with all the agents from the beginning to date is unraveled: artists and collaborators, exhibitions and fairs, curators, critics, collectors, printers, designers, translators … .and a long etcetera that makes clear the network of people who have joined and been part of it.

The drawings are a transcription of the conversation between the gallery owner and the artist. On the one hand, we find the diagrams and notes taken at the time of the talk and on the other, some graphics made with a sonograph, a mechanical device designed and built by the artist Oriol Garriga, which I have used to translate the sound of the voice into He drew.

Each pair (drawing and diagram) corresponds to a topic of the conversation:

  • Gallery history
  • Programming
  • Grants
  • Documentation
  • Gallery type
  • Kind art
  • What is our relationship? (Gallery-artist)

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