Traces and scars

Artist Edition

Mixed technique

Frottage: graphite on onion paper

Various materials: wood, screws, tips, Fabriano paper 180 gr. graphite of different hardness and adhesive paper.


Piece made in En Residència a l’IES Isabel d’Aragó with the student Denise Arenas, Mireia Callao, Alexander Cayo, Carlos Costas, Joel Gallardo, Montserrat Garcia, Zaida Maria Gonçalves, Rongrong Li, Hector Rolando Malaspina, Sara Márquez, Laura Molina, Sergio Morales, Ana Moya, Edgar Peñalver, Danny Alexis Rojas, Ariadna Termens, Aina Torralba i Yanina Carolina Troche, and the teacher Eulàlia Espasa.

Curated and coordinated residency by A Bao a Qu.


This piece is an archive of the different traces and signs found in the Infanta Isabel d’Aragó institute in different spaces (the classrooms of the students participating in the project, the classrooms where we have worked, among others) that have been registered through the frottage technique.

This collection of drawings, presented as a book-object, is still a collection of scars. Wounds generated by the action of striking a sharp element on tables, chairs, or doors; with the will of wanting to leave a trace, a confirmation of having been in this place with a name, a declaration of love, some initials or a drawing … but also those generated by the use itself: a blow, an accidental footprint on fresh cement.

These vestiges tell us about a life of the building that we have had to follow with touch, the action of rubbing these surfaces has revealed stories that remained hidden from our eyes.

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