Joana Hurtado – Nuclis de l’emergència

Antonia Del Rio gather and witness experiences, remains likely to be recovered, and therefore reread rebuilt. Objects, literary quotes, memories, or directly alluded to what is already there, stacked installed in a babel silent calls us, so we can say that our silent .

Del Rio looks in the memory of others and self imagery invites us to do the same, using what surrounds us for what we say. So, all these references to bygone experiences and others that the artist shows his original context, are immersed in a new chain meaning that will change and grow depending on the viewer. At the same time, through these stores fragments, choosing Antonia Del Rio will talk about forgetfulness as the sum reminds us what we left out .

Text Joana Hurtado Matheu nuclei for the emergency project for Oficina36 SWAB , International Art Fair Barcelona, 2012.

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