Purge 1


Intruder action and installation

Expurgated books intervened and intrusive action. printed cardboard on wall and file cabinet.

Variables measures


Project in the framework of the call Can Felipa Arts Visuals (2011-2012)

 “Pruned” proposes the building of a library made from the operation of pruning or weeding (1) of the library Poblenou – Manuel Arranz. The project consists in collecting discarded books from the catalog of the library for a specific period and then is build a conceptual and ephemeral library (2) with the copies pruned.

During the period that lasted the exposure “Àmbits d’Intrusió” (areas Intrusion) curated by Alvaro de los Ángeles in Can Felipa Visual Arts,  this pruned library was located in the installations of the library Poblenou – Manuel Arranz, imitating and getting confused with the furniture and the normal activity taking place there. The masterpiece acts as an intruder so the users cannot distinguish that it is an art project at first glance.

It was mimicking the swap device because of the user behavior was not altered, with the same signs and the same procedure. Adding secretly the books, which the library would recycle, now turned into art objects. At the same time, Can Felipa, was established a bridge, a dialogue with the library. The pruned books pruned which users took, represented in the exposition with a card, were disappearing of the wall and filed.

(1) Bibliotecas llenas de fantasmas (Libraries full of ghosts), Jacques Bonnet. Page. 24. Laie Editions 2010.

(2)  At any time it was shown to the public all of the books collected. However, they left on a table so the users of the library could take them with the usual procedure.

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