Memory store

Memory Store


Newsprint, screws, trim nickel

Variables measures


Work exhibited at:

Centre d’Art Tecla sala. Contextos Intermèdia, curatored by Teresa Blanch. 2010.

Projecte Triangle. Centre Cap Vermell, Cala Rajada. Torre de ses puntes, Manacor. Can Prohens, Felanitx. Mallorca. 2010-2011.

The project emerges from the conviction that when someone dies, all their memories, thoughts and knowledge of the world, as well their experience die with him. Reading “L’home manuscrit” by Manuel Baixauli where appears the idea of the memory store.

” The grandmother’s room and the grandmother finished on my memory store. Moreover, the memory store of my parents. However, their stores merged with them. Where are going the Memory stores of the dead? Where is the metropolis of the lost memories? A family tradition says the annihilation of the past and futures in white. “

The masterpiece works on this image: A metropolis, not about dead bodies, but lost memories. Accumulation, temporality and disappearance are key concepts. A store of mental activity and memories, but not only memorable ones, also the daily and absurd thoughts become physical and material. A proposed place or space where dispose something ethereal.

Each tombstone of the Memory store, formed by the accumulation of newspaper, shows different thought densities which dialogue with each other through the variation of thickness. The newspaper as a metaphor of the gray matter of the brain (the part that handles with the information processing and reasoning, related to the perceptions, the memory, the language, and the emotions). As a group that allows us to perceive the importance of a time connected to the archeology of the memories, contrasting their intangibility with the visual density of the installation.

L’home manuscrit. Manuel Baixauli. Editorial Moll, 2008.

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