Din A4 sheets of paper and tape on the wall. Fans synchronized with sound by arduino programms.

Variables measures


Work exhibition at:

The private space by… Ofina 36. Exposición núm. 1. 2011

“Silence” shows the impossibility of dialogue that forbid the access to the memory in a metaphor of the power systems. Furthermore, it shows how we depend on the structures and conventions to articulate the knowledge and its transmission. Either what we say or what we silent, we are surprised when we observe how easily access to obey orders.

Silence has been always the ally of oblivion, especially when it is an order: the most efficient method of oblivion.

Throughout the history, the memory and knowledge have been transmitted from one generation to the next one orally and / or writing, by word and text. The silent onomatopoeia of words and the text support (the paper) are the protagonists of this impossible dialogue.

The proposal of the project built in one installation formed by white paper sheets, arranged on the wall one beside the other. The ventilators impulse the wind through the sheets which move and “talk”, giving way to a silent dialogue between the sounds of the moving sheets, until the order of the silence is interposed in an authoritarian and unforgiving way: Sssssst!

The ventilators stop, the papers keep quiet.

Production carried out with the support of the open workshops of Hangar.

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