Food theoretical discourse

Thoughts and knowledge built from the collection of quotes from some references in the development of the work done in recent years. Perec, Boltanski, Sontag ,Benjamin, Manguel and many more have participated in the elaboration of a discourse that appears fragmented to make way for new combinations in the hands of visitors.

Isolated sentences out of context, are offered in the form of brochures room that each viewer can choose, or not take the interest and red or recompose speeches, giving new meanings to different uses or phrases.

A text form as it disappears from the showroom: in many reinterpretations, in the drawer of any home or simply reusing paper as a plane or why not as a shopping list . I offer some notes about my food theoretical discourse available to those who want to serve. Work in progress since 2009 .

Here are some quotes that make up the work:

“I think the viewer should never discover something, you need to do is to recognize something. I think you can understand what surrounds him just because you can recognize. Le I can give an example: if I say that I have a terrible headache, you can recognize because he already had a headache. So if I say this, you will recognize some of the headache. But my headache is not your headache. There is something in common between my headache and yours. Then all artistic communication is in this relationship between the personal and different for each individual”. Christian Boltanski. Interview by Maria Elena Ramos, 1998.

“I find that , over the years, my ignorance of countless materials ( … ) has been refined , while a practice of piecemeal throughout a lifetime reading has left me a kind of commonplace book whose pages I find my own thoughts expressed in the words of others. ” Alberto Manguel. City of Lies words political, literary truths. Foreword. RBA Libros , S.A. , 2010. “The taste for quotations (and by the juxtaposition of incongruous quotations ) is a Surrealist taste. So , Walter Benjamin , whose surrealist sensibility is the deepest need of all those news – he was a passionate collector of quotations “. Susan Sontag. On Photography. Mondadori, 2008.

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