Notes on gallery and art systems.

Sicart: story of a trajectory. Notes on gallery and art systems.

Exhibition project for the Sicart Gallery at the International Swab Fair, Barcelona. 2016.

Banc Sabadell Foundation Swab Award for Best Gallery. Solo show Antònia del Río.

The exhibition proposes a tour of the history of the Sicart gallery, with the voice of the gallery owner, by Ramon Sicart.

The interview highlights the journey and network of relationships the gallery has established with all actors in the art world from beginning to date: gallery artists and collaborators, exhibitions and fairs at the ones who have participated, curators, critics, collectors, edited catalogs, printing houses, designers, translators … and so on, which shows the network of people who have been linked in one way or another. from the Sicart gallery.

The drawings presented are a transcript of these conversations between Ramon and Antonia. On the one hand, we find the outlines and notes taken at the time of the conversation, and on the other, some graphs made with a sonograph, a device devised by Oriol Garriga,, which translates the sound in drawing.

This story is a space and a trajectory, that of the Sicart gallery, but it can be extrapolated to any other gallery and cultural space, as it interviews the dynamics, operation and debate of the problems of the world of art. art in general.

Other works accompany the set: Remnants, a series of photographs and text, where you see the stack of remnant catalogs edited by the gallery, the text of which is a snippet of the interview that mentions the existing financial aid system to edit catalogs. I Recomptes, an artist edition with the listings of artists, collectors, curators, etc. who have collaborated with the gallery.

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