Some mechanisms

Some mechanisms
Installation- performances:  instruction sheet, table fan, DIN A4 sheets of paper, black paint, instant camera, snapshots, cardboard boxes, black paint on wall.
Variable dimensions
2014-2015 in process
Unique piece

Tabula Rasa participant piece, commissioned by Pau Waelder and Fernando Gomez Cuesta. It has been exhibited at Es Baluard Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Palma de Mallorca. MUU Gallery, Helsinki, Finland and Hilvaria Studio’s, Foundations Kunst, Netherlands.

Some mechanisms is an installation that presents the trace of an action while actor-performer becomes a person without it being aware of it beforehand.

The work grows as exposed. It is documentation of herself and of her tour.

The composite elements are: an instruction sheet mounting work, a table, a fan, a lot of blank sheets of paper and the title written on the wall.

The operator / a mounting of the exhibition is in each case who has the objects in the exhibition space and executes the actions that send him: having the leaves on the table, put on the fan and write the title on the wall in your own handwriting. Thus, doing his job, that exhibition as editor is to follow the assembly instructions, it becomes mandatory basis and without realizing an actor-performer of the work, performing actions as a choreography. The text in the imperative mood leaves no room for improvisation or disobedience. But there is something that the text can not control is the interpretation that the editor or an editor can do.

The work is done each time it is exposed. In fact, the material being finally exposed, is the instruction sheet, completed by the fitter, the photograph itself takes the result and the various materials have been used to mount the installation packed in cardboard boxes.

The viewer can recreate the performance in his imagination while reading the assembly instructions and appreciate the differences in interpretations becoming editor of the work in photographs.

For more information about the cycle and the specific project you can consult the online catalog:

Tabula rasa or the (im) possibility of building a generation.

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