Los rechazados

Los rechazados

Project performed by Caterina Almirall, Miquel Garcia and Antonia del Río. Project selected by Sala d’Art Jove 2014 edition projects supported by the art center la Panera in Lleida and OSIC. 2014-2015. Mentoring process: Gloria Picazo. La Panera / Sala d’Art Jove

Los rechazados (The Rejected) project questions, from the investigation of specific cases of people who have been awarded in different fields of knowledge and disciplines but for many reasons they have rejected the award. How critical priori format, or that they try to develop an institutional criticism, can become canons.

Often this is considered like a gesture of contempt towards the legitimation that the award means. Despising the jury, academia or the meaning of belonging to a larger group that sets standards. Rejecting an award in this sense can be a convulsive gesture and politically incorrect that alters the expectations. However, what happens when we review and we realize that this is a fact that repeats year after year in the scenarios for many awards or through letters to the press? The bounce space is another tribune, a space of complaint or claim, or simply an advertising showcase, where the speakers go further even than the award.


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