Index 2013-2014 under the law of “good neighborliness”

Índex 13-14. Según la ley de Buena vecindad


Variable dimensions

Publications from the Documentation Centre of the art center “la Panera” installed in polyurethane bags, on a background of white cardboard and screws.

Files and printed cards on card

Text on vinyl on the wall


Presentation of the special editions of the Documentation Centre from the art center “La Panera” in Lleida for the “9th Biennal d’art Leandre Cristòfol”. January 2015.

The proposal is based on the theory or law of the “good neighbor” by Aby Warburg: << In the Warburg library was established a changeable order according to the research state. With this purpose, it was devised an index of colors that allow the mobility and thus help to the casual encounter that Warburg called “the law of good neighborliness”: Finding near the book someone was looking for by title, the unknown book on the shelf with a vital information.

The proposal is divided in two parts: first, the presentation of the publications that have been incorporated totally between 2013 and 2014 in the Panera documents collection; second, the different options to read the documents.

It is about a reflection on the possibilities that are generated from the fact of organize the information in different ways. Each publication is described in a catalog card and orderly in their corresponding file. There are six files in total, in which each publication is described according to a different order in the corresponding catalog card. By this way, we  think that the publications may be ordered following a different order -alphabetic by the author name, by title, place of publication, year of publication, in the order of the listed documentation center, etc.- which generating different contacts, neighbors, relations … following the ethyl good neighbor who spoke Aby Warburg.

One of the files is composed of cards with drawings of the images arising from Google Images search the titles of publications. Looking for those with no a priori directly related to the content thereof.
(1) Fritz, a E.H. GOMBRICH, Aby Warburg. Una biblioteca intelectual. Madrid, Alianza Forma, 1992, p. 301.

Text by Anna Roigé from the catalog of the 9th “Biennal d’art Leandre Cristòfol”. Lleida.

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