Registration attempts

Registration attempts (A.P)

Series composed by 5 images and a printout

Pinhole photographs: paper copies Iford Galerie Gold Fibre Silk, 310 gr. 16 x 16 cm

List: Printing on paper of 80 gr. Sealed with ink, 50 x 33 cm


* Honorable Mention in the I Contest of Plastic Arts City of Felanitx, 2015. Jury formed by: Jaume Canet, Pilar Rubí, Miquela Nicolau, Andreu Aguiló, María José Corominas, Ana Bárbara Cordel y Francisco Duarte.

Registration attempts, is one of the parts from the Pruned#3 project. It is formed by five pinhole photographs, which are the result of the continued registration to capture the record of the missing documents. The photographs accompanies the printout of the books that Arts Santa Monica selected from its remaining funds, according to the project. 53 titles, in varying amounts, totaled 4,950 books.

During the two months the exhibition lasted, the five self-built pinhole cameras were with the shutter open. This experimental technical aspect, once given the long period of time in which the photosensitive material was recording the scene, it allows to record the elements that have had a more extensive presence, appearing more defined in the image. Instead, the elements that have had a fleeting presence are sensed as a ghostly presence.

The potential of this registration attempt remains more on what it evokes than what it shows. It is that, an attempt, because it cannot operate in any case as a control tool or objective witness, which is what we would expect of a record administratively.

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